Ise-Ebi Matsuri is a festival which is held from September to December throughout Saiki city, Oita to Nobeoka city, Miyazaki. At the festival, we can enjoy a splendid meal of fresh Ise-Ebi lobster.This event was started to introduce Ise-Ebi lobster a “hidden specialty” from both prefectures in 2004. This year will be the 16th anniversary of this event.
A great natural environment provides us with Ise-Ebi and we only select the finest ones from our beautiful coastline.
We also have an event for the respect of the aged.
Ise-Ebi lobster is known as a symbol of a long life because the shape of the lobster is similar to an old person. Therefore, when we eat Ise-Ebi we pray for longevity.